YAG laser Marking Chrome

Worldwide Laser provides Nd: YAG and Fiber Laser marking systems the LP9000 Series. This series of laser marking systems are idea of marking all types of metals and metal surfaces

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Please review the pictures below showing chrome sockets laser marked using the LP9050 50 watt diode laser marking system these laser marks were completed in .44 seconds using 25 watts of power and 200mm focus lens with galvo head

Worldwide Laser provides new laser systems for Co2 laser, YAG Laser, Fiber Laser and UV 355nm Laser systems. For Details click here

Worldwide Laser provides new T.E.A. mask Co2 laser systems and new and refurbished Lumonics Laser Mark series 930 940 950 960 and 960SSM; for new and refurbished parts for Lumonics Laser Mark series call or e-mail Worldwide Laser 480.892.8566 option 4 or fax 480.497.9661 or e-mail info@wlsc.com
Worldwide Laser founded in July of 1986 has been providing YAG laser, Fiber Lasers, UV lasers, and Co2 lasers for laser marking and laser cutting for 23 years at Worldwide Laser we Know Lasers