Laser marking plastic with color contrast and without damage [trenching / engraving] to the surface of the part has traditionally been accomplished with ink systems and pad printing; Now Worldwide Laser offers an alternative with the LP9000F series of fiber laser coupled with high speed galvo head and WLSC laser controller software Zap-IT.
The LP9000F Fiber Laser System
— provides a color contrasting mark that cannot be removed or altered
— does not damage the surface of the part leaving it smooth to the touch eliminating trenching, engraving, and removal of surface materials
— Laser marking of the parts is fast and does not contact or impact the surface of the part
— Laser systems eliminate inks, chemicals, solvents, and maintenance
— Standard marking or cutting fields from 2.5” to 9.8” square
Requirements required from ink, pad printing, and scribers, laser systems provide a green manufacturing alternative to industry and a substantial economic benefit thru cost savings
Please view the attached pictures and video of the LP9000F fiber laser system marking plastic control boxes