Worldwide Laser builds laser systems and Software packages that allow your company to comply with the upcoming track-and-trace requirements for all prescribed drugs and pharmacy products; be ready for California 2015 and upcoming FDA track and trace requirements for your products.

The track and trace systems from Worldwide Laser will also allow your company to protect your products and services from counterfeiting and protect your company’s profits by eliminating back channel distribution and unauthorized transfer of product between territory and distributors

All these products are marked with machine readable 2-D bar code by a Worldwide Laser System Laser marking station and coupled with Worldwide Laser Zap-IT track and trace software– child-parent-grandparent relationships are established and reported out to Data Bases for tracking and control of products

As shown in these pictures many different types of product can be marked for track and trace
Due to the range of laser marking platforms offered by Worldwide Laser:
Nd:YAG Lasers
Fiber Lasers
UV 355NM lasers
Co2 lasers

2D bar code also referred to as two dimensional data matrix bar code

Track and Trace systems require [at a minimum]

 Standard Numerical Identifier is established and printed on the product [SNI]
 The SNI is recorded into a data base and passed forward
 The data base becomes part of the track and trace and at each additional packing or distribution step a packing/pallet SNI is created and tied to product SNI creating a child/parent/grandparent relationship allow the product to be traced backward from end user to the original source of the product [pharmacy/wholesaler/manufacturer]

The SNI requires a unique [should be random] serial number for each product and the manufacturers NDC [also applies to repackers]

Worldwide Laser has the products and experience to provide the track and trace system your products require contact WLSC systems division at 480.892.8566 option 5 or e-mail so we can work together to get your companies track and trace product system established and running.

At Worldwide Laser we know Lasers!