In this video the part is loaded onto a fixture and when the system cycle start buttons are engaged the parts fixture slides back into the laser working area, the door closes to completely contain the laser beam and laser process takes place. The human machine interface displayed on the computer touch screen displays the current status of machine as well and shows what is taking place in the laser work area . When process is complete the part and fixture are moved out and the process can begin again with a new part
Depicted in this system is a 40 watt fiber laser the LP9040 however the system could be equipped with a UV LP9000U series or Co2 LP 8000 series WLSC also works with 266nm {LP9000U2x series{ and 566nm lasers LP9000U5x series}

In this video the human interface maintenance or supervisor screen is demonstrated, in this function the end user is able to move all the system axis point, x slide [parts and parts fixture from load positon to laser operations area], z-slide [height of the parts fixture and parts to adjust focus distance for different sized parts] and Y-slide positon of the galvo head moving across the part for any laser work outside the optics working field.
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