Filled Character laser etching of metal tags

Worldwide Laser Service Corporation voice 480.892.8566 option 4 and e-mail demonstrates the LP9000F series of Fiber lasers marking manufacturing tags, the metal tags could be for virtually any types of equipment notice how the LP9000F fiber laser series from Worldwide Laser Service Corporation [wlsc] can place the laser marking in exactly the correct spot of the tag, different sized tags or tags for different material would only require a slightly changed art work file to be imported, in this video outlined and filled characters for maximum visibility are shown the marking cycle time is approximately 6 seconds. This system was completed with load elevators that allow the operator to place up to 1000 tags for processing, a shuttle system to move the tags under the laser engraving area, and then an unload system to place the finished tags, a vision system could be added to provide verification of correct marking before the tags are unloaded, the laser system engineers at WLSC provided the perfect laser system automation for this operation. WLSC is expect at laser system integration with Fiber, YAG, Co2, and UV [355nm and 266nm] laser systems.
Let the laser system experts at WLSC design build and install the perfect laser system for your operations.