Turn Tables and Color Laser Marking Metal

Color Laser Marking Metal with automation demonstrates rotary turn table for placing parts. Notice the fixture locators on the turn table with slotted pins and locator pins.

Marking Metal automation features a detailed HMI [Human Machine Interface], where different files are chosen depending on the particular product being placed in the automation.

Side view of the automation machine with doors open [the doors have safety interlocks which are by passed for this video]. This shows the automated system x-y-z axis placing the scanner head at the correct focus distance and location for the stainless steel products.

Color Laser Marking Metal with LP9000F

Automation for color marking from Worldwide Laser Service Corporation is demonstrated here for marking metals with an LP9000F or fiber system integration.

This system primary purpose is to Color Marking Metal,  some of the automation major features:

  • Rotary Turntable
  • X-Y-X movement of the head, which is automated and tied to the particular marking file so that when the marking is chosen either by an operator or by the production system and software commands the correct information is marking onto the product.
  • The HMI or human machine interface is demonstrated. This is a feature of the automation which allows for the operator to select the correct file from a preset and programmed list of files of recipes. The automation moves the head to the correct x-y and z [left, right, forward/backward relative to the enclosure interior] and height for the system integration to work with the stainless product.

Automation as shown above is designed for marking stainless steel cooking products, however the types of automation and integration. The discussed above can be used in many different applications and on many different products, specifically the automation experience of WLSC extends to the following areas of integration [just to name a few]:

Worldwide Laser Service Corporation [WLSC] provides integration in several different major platforms, Co2 – YAG/Fiber – and UV 355nm, generally speaking the most useful and  important feature for marking metal is the LP9000F series of fiber laser. WLSC also provides 532nm wavelength look for more information about this new exciting area of automation in the coming weeks. With these major automation platforms WLSC is able to add items providing total integration and automation; for example:

  • X-Y tables
  • Vibratory bowls
  • Feeder tracks
  • Conveyer belts
  • Turntable
  • Rotary dial tables
  • Vision systems
  • Dual rotary turning devices
  • Beam shapers –
  • 3D scanner heads
  • Automatic load and unload elevators
  • Automated handlers for silicon wafers
  • Human Machine Interface options that allow for one operator or supervisor to run multiple automation tools

Automation and integration can save thousands of dollars in the manufacturing process by reducing operator labor, eliminating scrap, and increasing plant productivity all while reducing or eliminating chemicals, solvents, inks, dies, and paper labels creating an environmentally friendly green manufacturing environment.

Fiber marking on metal is an especially useful method of integration for the industrial products the integrated fiber 1064nm comes in power ranges from one watt to 450 watts and can be air cooled [at the lower power levels] or water cooled

A qualified integrator, Worldwide Laser Service Corporation is ideal for creating and designing the best solution for any particular application your company or manufacturing process requires. WLSC has a full range of platforms at our manufacturing facility in Gilbert. We can test your product samples and determine the correct wavelength for marking or cutting the product and return the samples to you, for approval.

Worldwide Laser Service Corporation will provide integrated system and automation with any level of integrated features, as desired from vision verification and reading system to robotic handlers, the design, building, and installing the correct system for your company requirements.