Laser Automation and integrated laser systems from Worldwide Laser

The mission of Worldwide Laser Service Corporation [WLSC] is to solve manufacturing problems, eliminate pant bottlenecks, reduce manufacturing costs, protect products, and create an environmentally friendly, green manufacturing environment by use of Laser Automation and integrated laser systems.

In this video WLSC demonstrates the use of an LP9000U a 355nm UV laser cutting system for laser cutting glass and trimming the edges of slides, the cutting process takes approximately 6 seconds of laser time without air assist and approximately 9 seconds of laser time with air assist, the edge quality on the air assist might be slightly smoother and cleaner the Laser Automation applies 20 PSI air via a Vortex air cooler directly on .005” or .17mm thick glass slide, the laser cut is complete without re-melt or slag the laser trimmer area falls from borosilicate glass slide without any mechanical assistance.

Laser Automation will allow cutting of glass or trimming of glass objects or Laser Automation Cutting Thin Glassslides with very fast cycle time and without any contact to the part or glass, there is no scribing edge, saw, or diamond point to place on the glass and direct across the surface to be trimmed, unlike mechanical cutting and trimming systems which are designed to cut in one shape or to trim only one predefined edge at a time and therefore require molds and fixtures or manual operator intervention to locate the glass properly for timing, a Laser Automation for cutting glass or trimming edges can be completed in any pattern and against any edge or surface with a simple click of the mouse to choose the correct cutting pattern even better with more efficiency and effectiveness the Laser Automation can be coupled with a laser system vision integration allowing the laser vision integration to view the parts an determine the correct cutting area the Laser Automation provides interface and ability for the integrated laser vision system to direct the laser beam to the correct area of the part for cutting or trimming.

Laser Automation and integrated laser system help to protect the planet by providing earth friendly green environmental safe manufacturing operations. Laser Automation with environmentally friendly green manufacturing process allows laser integration to eliminate, ink, solvent, paper labels, harsh cleaning chemicals, scrap of products into landfills, and mechanical scribing process that come into contact with the parts. The LP9000 and LP8000 series of Laser Automation help to create environmentally friendly green manufacturing environments.

Laser Automation and integrated laser systems also reduce manufacturing costs by the elimination of downtime, if the requirements of laser cutting on parts change, meaning if different information is required due to a shift change, product change, new regulatory requirements, shift [change or addition of new customers] in the end users to whom the product is distributed or sold occur Laser Automation can accommodate the new changed information with the click of a mouse by the operator picking a different cutting file, change of laser cutting parameters, or new and different laser cutting [location of laser cutting on the part might also be an issue here.] Laser Automation from WLSC will also all full laser system integration into and with plant production systems so that laser marking or laser cutting details or criteria can be selected by production software or PLC’s via binary code, recipe names, part number or part names, just to mention a few options. Laser Automation from WLSC will allow integrated laser system to be fully controlled by production systems and also provide for full data base reporting of laser results, one customer for example uses Laser Automation from WLSC to load and sequence up to 250 different .DXF files with cutting patterns which the Zap-IT software controlled automated laser system loads and sequences running all the files in correct order to produce the final laser cut product. Zap-IT laser controller software is a proprietary software from WLSC that allows for laser integration to receive instructions, carry out laser operations and report results to data bases for various control and reporting functions.

Worldwide Laser Service Corporation was founded in July of 1986 in Phoenix AZ and has been designing, building, installing and supporting after the install Laser Automation with three major integrated laser system platforms –The LP 8000 series Co2 from 10w to 500w- the LP 9000F and LP9000Y Fiber and YAG from 10w to 450w, and the LP9000U UV 355nm from 1w to 90w, any of these laser system platforms can be integrated with product handlers and finished in an manual, semi manual, Laser Automation system for use in many different types of facilities and environments. WLSC services customers base in SE Asia, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, and United States let us know if we can assist with any of your product marking or cutting needs by contacting us at voice 480.892.8566 or e-mail