Laser Automation from Worldwide Laser Service Corporation [WLSC] demonstrates in this video a series of color marking plastic with the use of an automated laser system incorporating a UV 355NM laser the LP9006U – or 6 watt UV laser.

Specifically a sting of nine [9] one inch characters and 1” square machine readable bar code [the laser marked 2D bar code is actually readable with a cell phone application] are placed on different color plastics, the text and bar code must have color laser marking visual effect, and be completed in a cycle time of ten 10 seconds or less for the entire laser marking sequence. Some of the colors provide a faster cycle time allowing the laser marking requirements to be completed in five [5] however even with the more ‘difficult’ colors a the laser marking system provide color contrasting and machine readable bar codes within the ten [10 ] second cycle time requirement. The LP9006U 6w UV 355nm laser marking system coupled with 10mm galvo head and Zap-IT laser controller software were utilized to achieve the result demonstrated in the video.

  • The LP9000U series of UV laser systems from WLSC starts at 1 watt and extends to 90 watts, when coupled with Laser Automation such as articulated arm, robots, vacuum pick-n-place, x-y tables, and vision system to name a few options, the laser system integration then provides a perfect tool to carry out required production goals specifically:
  • Scrap reduction or elimination via Laser Automation for laser cutting systems and laser automaton for laser degate or laser cutting plastic [ WLSC
  • Laser Automation will also provide for ]
  • Laser cutting thin films
  • Laser cutting Kapton
  • Laser cutting Mylar
  • Laser cutting Polyimide
  • Product identification for warranty protection via Laser Automation for color laser marking
  • Anti-theft and protection of products from knock-offs or counterfeiting via laser automaton for marking of 1D and 2D bar codes – integrated laser systems can make bar codes and text so small magnification is required for viewing when Laser Automation takes please with UV 355 – the LP9000U series of Fiber-YAG the LP9000F & LP9000Y series of integrated laser systems.
  • Product track and trace where serial number, product number, or identification of some type are placed on products using Laser Automation and then coupled with Zap-IT custom Laser Automation software to report product details to data bases, the full Laser Automation [hardware and software] allows for grandparent, parent, and child identification of product in an integrated chain providing full accountability of the products from the manufacturing facility all the way through the distribution chain to consumers
  •  Laser Automation and fully e-pedigree track and trace.
  •  Just in time inventory Laser Automation placed on assembly lines or manufacturing facility can track a product all the way through the production system from raw material forming through to finished product, a laser automation system placed on the production line with an integrated vision system, laser marks machine readable bar code on the product, then vision system are located at strategic points along the production line and/or MFG process the bar code is read and the information reported to a data base or customer production system so that facility managers can determine how many of each ‘widget’ is in production at any given time and use this information to prevent excess inventory of unsold or unneeded items laser automation of this type results in saving of hundreds of thousands in facility costs and manufacturing expense.
  •  Manage your e-commerce order, Laser Automation as described above is the perfect tool for matching your e-commerce orders with material production, raw parts order and procurement, integrated laser systems with vision verification, laser hardware, and custom laser ZAP-IT software from WLSC will allow your facility to achieve maximum production effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly and green manufacturing is achieved with Laser Automation from Worldwide Laser Service Corporation, the installing and use of integrated laser system eliminates ink, solvents, warn out metal and scribing tools which require disposal in landfills, paper labels and the glues associated with them. Laser Automation by WLSC not only provides for more effective and less costly manufacturing process but is a significant advantage to the earth by providing environmentally friendly, green manufacturing process.

The laser system engineers at WLSC are available to design, build, install and then maintain the correct Laser Automation for your facility, our mission at Worldwide Laser Service Corporation to use laser integration to solve manufacturing issues and resolve manufacturing problems providing a more cost effective, safer, manufacturing method and protecting the environment with earth friendly green manufacturing process. At Worldwide Laser we know lasers.