Laser system automation showing laser cutting tread cutting view from front and with status indicator light[/caption In this video WLSC demonstrates Laser System Automation cutting tire tread up to 12mm deep in a tire slick this  is a long video approximately 3.5 minutes , it is well worth the investment of time to view the WLSC automated laser cutting system producing a functional tire from a slick and replacing the manual process of cutting tire tread for R&D purposes or for short runs when the costs associated with tire molds and production process don’t make sense,  laser system integration by Worldwide Laser can help to manage all tire tread cutting requirements at your facility as well as other rubber cutting and marking needs.

Laser system automation allows for the loading of a tire into the laser system up to 50” OD tire in the case of this laser integration and preloading all the files with tire tread cutting requirements into the automated laser system software, press the start button and depending on the size of the tire and the depth of tread cutting required in four [4] to eight [8] hours a compete tire is produced.

The Worldwide Laser Service Corporation design and specification for this type of automated laser cutting system to laser cut rubber incorporates several major laser integrator design elements that eliminate smoke and virtually all debris from the laser rubber cutting process, as you watch video showing the laser system automaton laser cutting rubber you notice no fire, no burning, oil, or debris for the cutting process. A view of the automated laser system working at approximately 3 minute point in the video clearly demonstrates the laser system integration cutting rubber in a debris and smoke free fashion, also please note that the integrated laser system design as an abundance of caution has a heat sensor close to the rubber cutting point and a Co2 fire suppression system that would completely eliminate and suppress any fire should something unplanned happen.

Laser system automation replaces the labor intensive manual process of cutting new tire treads by hand with hot knives and provides an integrated laser system with class one [1] laser safety enclosure for laser cutting rubber. At Worldwide Laser Service Corporation we are the leading laser system integrator designing building and installing the highest quality laser system automation in the America’s at Worldwide Laser we know laser system automation.

Automated laser systems designed built and installed by WLSC offer some significant advantages for companies and industrial markets specifically:
 Significant labor saving
 Laser cutting system provide for computer controlled application of the correct patterns and design eliminating human or operator error
 Laser system integration from WLSC allows plant production system to run the automated laser system cutting tool all major production control systems can list, sequence, control, run, and receive completed report feedback from the automated laser system cutting tool, the laser system integration experts in Worldwide Laser’s systems division have years of experience creating interface programs to allow remote operator free integrated laser system operations
 Automated laser systems for both laser cutting and laser marking allow for fast and easy change of cutting patterns and marking design an unlimited number of art work files can be loaded in the control system for the automated laser system and selected, sequenced and run either remotely or via operation intervention through a Human Machine Interface [HMI] devise or screen, there is no need for mechanical change of parts or cutting tools, and there for no need for downtime and lost production when changes are necessary, laser system integrator WLSC eliminates all these costs from plant operations.

 Laser system automation significantly reduces scrap in many cases completely eliminates scrap of parts from your operations. Laser system integration was recently provided to a WLSC customer in the automotive industry for laser cutting plastic parts from an injection mold, the introduction of the LP8080 with fully laser system integration for 80w Co2 laser cutting system reduced the companies scrap rate –amount of damaged parts that need to be discarded by 98% when compared to results from the previous mechanical cutting system which was replaced by the WLSC laser system automation.
 In the automated laser system described and featured above the introduction of laser cutting speeds by days the development of new tire treads allowing the WLSC customer to bring fully tested product to consumers much more quickly than in the past

ABOUT Worldwide Laser Service Corporation [WLSC] for Worldwide Laser Service Corporation history and detail click here

Founded in July of 1986 in Phoenix Arizona WLSC was originally focused on laser system repair, refurbishment, and repair or replacement of internal electronic components for T.E.A. [transversely excited atmospheric] Co2 lasers, which employed masks for laser etching parts primarily in the discrete electronics components industry [ I.E. T0220;s SOT23, etc.] and which were often coupled with reel to reel handlers and testers, after several years of operations and at the request of end users [customers] WLSC expanded in beam delivery systems and components to compliment laser marking systems such as the 920 and 930 laser mark series, expanding again after several more years WLSC designed and built the LP2000 series of spark gap and thryraton driven T.E.A Co2 lasers over the years installing and managing many hundreds of these systems, WLSC then stated moving in the field of designing, building and installing automated laser systems for laser marking and laser cutting. Today WLSC provides fully integrated laser systems that laser cut plastic, laser cut rubber, and provide fully laser system automation for WLSC customers,