Color Laser Marking Plastic For Your Business

This video demonstration, by WLSC, of UV systems, such as the LP9000U series operating at 355nm and 532nm. These systems offer the best possible alternatives for marking your plastic products. These systems are able to  use contrasting to read identification. Please review the video to see the LP9000U series of UV systems marking plastic at the 355nm wavelength. You can see the easy to read contrasting identification information.

Therefore, this customer required highly visible product identification and wanted to eliminate the expense of supplies, and consumables. Also coupled with the expensive time consuming maintenance of ink systems, they  contacted the experts at Worldwide Laser. Using the LP9000U series, we were able to meet all the customer requirements for product identification. We also provide an environmentally sensitive green manufacturing alternative. Additionally, we were able to offer substantial cost savings compared to other marking methods. Contact the experts at WLSC for all you product identification requirements. At Worldwide Laser, we know lasers!

Industries That Use Color Laser Marking Plastic

  • Color Laser Marking Plastic for pharmaceutical needs. Medical Devices

Marking plastic is very important for medical devices. Therefore, Any medical devices where products are labeled with paper, inks, foil, or metal labels can generally be marked using the LP9000U series of 532nm and 355nm series.

  • Aerospace

Certain aerospace parts are heat sensitive and, flight critical use of traditional IR systems will transfer heat into these parts causing fatigue and premature failure. Use of inks or labels for marking the parts is not acceptable as the marking in not indelible the LP9000 series with 532nm and 355nm. Therefore, marking addresses these and other aerospace industry concerns.

  • Defense

Many defense industry related systems are heat sensitive. The use of lasers that generate heat is not acceptable as the heat generated will destroy electronics in packages, such as GPS and guidance systems. Ink and labels cannot be used as they are not indelible and therefore not useable to regulatory and safety required tack and trace or e-pedigree programs. The use of the LP9000U series provides marking on plastic alternatives that eliminate the concerns and issues sounding product identification and tack and trace or e-pedigree programs for tacking and controlling these defense products and allowing recall and control of component failure.

Important Applications of Color Laser Marking Plastics

Color Laser Marking Plastic on thin filmsThin Films and Products are an important application for color marking plastic. The use of IR system creates heat that warps or melts thin films and metals. Labels and inks creates environmentally unacceptable manufacturing set up and the markings are able to be removed. Marking plastic by WLSC eliminates all these potential issues and problems.


Color lasers are also important for the WLSC mission of creating Eco-friendly green manufacturing environments. LP9000U series of 355nm and 532nm series eliminates inks, solvents, and chemicals often associated with marking and identifying  products. Paper, foil, or think metals are pasted or glued onto products harmful elements are introduced into the manufacturing process. This requiring extra time and costs for clean up. This can potentially expose both the industry and the consumer to these harmful elements and damaging the environment. Color marking systems designed, built, and installed by WLSC eliminate these problems and create eco-friendly green manufacturing environments that benefit both industry and consumers

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