What is Laser Color Marking Plastic?

When Laser Color Marking Plastic, the color produced is the result of the plastic interacting with the beam. Additionally, producing a white color laser marking. However, other times the laser color marking on plastic might be gray, or brown, or yellow. The color of the marking on the plastic is not controllable via manipulation of the settings, power-frequency-speed. Instead the color is determined by the composition of the plastic.  Marking plastic with a LP9000 series in either the Green 532nm range or the UV the 355nm range is an excellent method of achieving permeant indelible laser color marking on plastic.

The other very important feature to keep in mind when marking with the LP9000U 355nm or 532nm  is cool laser color marking. What this means is that the LP9000U series does not use heat to mark product. Especially when color laser marking plastic, instead the laser light at either 532nm or 355nm creates a photo synthase change in the plastic creating a color contrasting mark on the plastic without heat transference [or with very little heat transference].

Therefore, the surface of the product being color laser marked is not destroyed in any fashion no trenching, etching, or engraving into the surface is created making the LP9000U series the perfect options for color marking plastic in the medical device, pharmaceutical,  aerospace- aircraft and for laser marking Kapton and polyamide in the semiconductor, electronics, and cell phone industry

Examples of Laser Color Marking Plastic

The LP9000 series in either the 532nm [LP9000G] or the 355nm [LP9000U] for all the reasons described above is perfect for color laser marking plastics, here are some examples of marked medical devices are below: picture one below shows black color marking on clear plastic, and picture two show white color marking on black plastic dose knob meter

Controlling Color Laser Marking Plastic & Fiber Lasers to Reduce System Costs

We have experienced situations where the LP9000 laser in the 355nm or the 532nm format will produce a color contrasting mark on plastic. However the shade or brightness of the color marking is not enough to meet the requirement, or the cost of the 355nm or 532nm laser system is prohibitive. In these cases it is useful to consider an additive placed into the plastic resin. This would happen prior to mixing  and forming the parts. The process of placing additives into the plastic resins can be problematic for certain industries. These problems start where the contents of packages are an FDA controlled item.

However, for other applications the additive process can be especially useful. If the determination is made that color laser marking plastic has advantages [I.E. total elimination of inks, chemicals, solvents which can be cancer agents, and the extra costs associated with maintenance and clean up] that totally outweigh the a redo of the FDA qualification then additives which allow for vibrant color marking plastic are an excellent alternative for all applications, take a look at some examples of Laser Color Marking Plastic results with additives are placed in the plastic, this allows the 1064nm to 1067nm range of YAG and Fiber lasers [LP9000F series] to place color laser marking on plastics at approximately 50% of the cost compared to a 355nm or 532nm source.

Laser Color Marking Plastic without additives additional details

To be sure 355nm and 532nnm systems are an excellent tool for marking plastic ,without any additives, to highlight a few applications with eco-friendly green manufacturing environments have been created through the use of 355nm and 532nm marking systems:

UV 355nm Laser Color Marking Text and Logo on Blue Drill Bit Cases:

Laser Color Marking Plastic Drill Case Marking Plastic Drill Case Laser Marking Plastic Drill Case

Various Pharmaceutical Products Color Laser Marked with Bar Codes and Text:

Text and QR Bar Codes Color Laser Marked on Various Plastic Products:

Laser Color Marking Plastic QR Code Barcode being Laser Marked

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