Examples of Color Laser Marking Medical Devices

Color Laser Marking Medical Devices

Color Laser Marking Medical Devices offers the following significant advantages compared to other methods of marking or identifying products.

  • Etching of parts creates depressions or trenches and grooves in the parts which can form a host area for bacteria to grow and create contamination which is dangerous to the patient and/or consumer.
  • Etching of parts creates mechanical contact with the part which can causes damage to the part increasing scrap rates and greatly increasing manufacturing costs, or even worse if the damaged part get through the production control process creates major problems for the patient and the health care provider.
  • Ink Marking of parts when with pad print ink marking or ink spit system has a host of problems and issues such as the costs of the ink, solvents, and chemicals associated with the process greatly increasing manufacturing costs, the system require significant maintenance creating lots of down time or lost production time for the maintenance to take place thereby significantly increasing the costs of manufacture and finally but not least significant these system are damaging to the environment and the inks in some cases can even pose a risk of cancer.
  • Marking medical devices produces results such as seen just to the right on this medical device used for hear restoration surgery the laser marks the injection molded instructions or data on the device, normally these text, arrows and, circular instructions would be the same color or appearance as the rest of the molded part and therefore very difficult to see and hard for the health care profession to follow, the controller software Zap-IT imports a .DXF file [or some other format of vector based art work] to direct the beam in the correct pattern the location of the raised molded areas to be traced and darkened or marked can be determined by a vision system directing the beam or through consistent placement of the parts in fixtures or holders.

Marking Medical Devices reduces manufacturing costs, protects consumers and manufacturers, and provide Eco-Friendly manufacturing environments

Color Laser Marking Medical Devices to Provide Controls

Color Laser Marking Medical Devices

When considering plastic instruments and devices with controls information one of the most critical things to consider is how readable or easy to view are the markings on the product this information can be clearly and visible color marked on the plastic medical device. Color marking plastic is the best alternative for critical control parts.

A second major consideration in marking plastic medical devices especially is durability, or how long with the marking last. It is of no or little use to have a plastic controls device marked and the marking wears off after a number of uses and/or period of time. Marking medical devices provides a permanent or indelible marking of the plastic product, and without heat transference associated with traditional marking technologies and IR lasers, thus providing complete protection to the product and to any electronics that might be present, when completed with the LP9000 series of 532nm or 355nm platforms is permanent because unlike other forms of marking or identification the marked contrast is created by photo synthase and not the deposit of inks or other chemicals on the surface of the product, this process is also often referenced as cool laser marking

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