Laser Marking Pharmaceutical While in Packages

Laser Marking Pharmaceutical products while in the packaging can be accomplished with the LP9000U and LP9000G 355nm and LP9500 532nm series, this posting discussed the options and methods to achieve  the process.

Why Laser Marking Pharmaceutical Products

Marks on pharmaceutical products is required by the FDA and regulated by a series of rules covered in the packing label requirements. The major purpose of marking pharmaceutical products is to protect both the manufacturer and the consumer. Individual pills or individual pharmaceutical products must be marked not just the packaging generally the marks must include information and details to identify the manufacturer and dosage of the item, for more details on pill marking requirements click here. Worldwide (WLSC)is a leading expert on the requirements of marking pills, drilling pills, a function generally completed prior to packaging and while the pills are ‘loose’ and as demonstrated here marking pharmaceutical products after packaging and prior to shipping.

Just as the regulations about how to mark pharmaceutical products differ, so do methods to achieve the marks. What is often referred to as photo scribing pills, is actually marking pills with 355nm or 532nm system. This method is sometimes [or by certain integrators] called photo scribing due to the fact that 355nm and 532nm light creates a photo synthesis or color change in most organic material when those organic material are hit with light.

Why Laser marking Pharmaceutical Products Inside Packaging

Marking pharmaceutical products inside the packaging provides several advantages:

  • At the final stage of production product identification can be done and just prior to shipping.
  • Product identification completed at the end stage of production helps to aid in control of product. This does not allow marked or identified product to slip back into the production system or be lost.
  • Product identification in the final stages of products provides assistance with track and trace or e-pedigree issues and concerns.
  • The only other viable method to place identification onto Pharmaceutical products is with ink spatters or in pad printing. Marking pharmaceutical products is a superior solution due to the following factors:
    • Expense of supplies related to ink system is not present with system integration.
    •  Expense of production shut down [down time] related to ink systems in not present with automation.
    • Integration eliminates the potential of cancer causing agents in the production process
    • Marking systems create eco-friendly or green manufacturing environments.

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Our mission at WLSC is to reduce manufacturing costs, protect products and consumers;  therefore, help provide an Eco-Friendly green manufacturing environment. At Worldwide, we know Automation and we look forward to working with you and your facilities for automation matters. Contact WLSC at any time, we look forward to hearing from you.

About WLSC

WLSC founded July of 1986 in Phoenix AZ 85009 and currently with headquarters in Gilbert AZ 85233 is the premier integration expert in the industry for marking pharmaceutical products in packaging and with all stages of automation. WLSC has customers and end users throughout N. American and in ten [10] other countries outside N. America. WLSC has the ability to build, design, install, and maintain automation, with several different platforms for Co2, Fiber/YAG, UV-355nm, and newly introduced Green-532nm series.

The LP9000U at 355nm and LP9500 at 532nm are ideally suited for marking pharmaceutical tablets. The system engineers at WLSC have a combined 100+ years’ experience in running applications tests and for end users. Additionally, our engineers make sure the correct platforms are chosen for the end users requirements and then to design, build, and install the integrated solution. WLSC has an applications lab in our Gilbert AZ facility with Co2, YAG\Fiber, UV and Green Series coupled with either galvo scanner heads or fixed beam deliveries for testing products.