Deep etching metal with Fiber Laser Automation
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Deep Etching Metal with Fiber laser automation is critically important for several key industrial functions. The ability for etching metal with fiber laser automation, from WLSC, is accomplished through a service of laser integration steps as detailed below:

Etching Metal with Fiber Laser Automation to depth of .03 inches .762mm


Why Deep Etching Metal?

Laser Etching Deep in Metal is important to several key industries:

  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Gun and fire arms manufacturing
  • Aerospace manufacturing and air plane manufactures/ parts suppliers
  • Pipe lines
  • Critical infrastructure projects where metal parts are used

In all of these applications, the etching metal parts must be marked to depth exceeding .010 inches/.254mm. This is done so that the part number, manufacturer/OEM, date of manufacture, serial number [and perhaps additional requirements] cannot be removed, without the complete destruction of the part. All the critical information printed on the part survive time, elements [heat, cold, water,] and destruction of the system in which they are installed [plane crashes, oil or gas leaks in pipelines, building or bridges collapse, for example].

There are also many other applications where deep etching of metal is required or desirable. For example, WLSC has one customer in the aerospace industry that was experience premature failure of starting wheels on auxiliary plane engines. A metal fatigue analysis of the broken starter wheels indicated the metal was being weakened at the point where a mechanical scrip struck the starting wheel to create a timing mark. The mechanical striking process was replaced with a laser etching the metal completely eliminating the premature failure problem.

Deep Etching metal with Fiber Automation to depths of .02 inches .51 mm

How to Deep Etching Metal with Fiber Laser Automation

In industrial applications, for use in any application where deep metal etching is desirable what is the fastest, easiest, least expensive and most beneficial method to achieve this result, the answer is fiber laser automation from Worldwide Laser Service Corporation. The video shows etching into a hardened metal can cover to the depth of .031 inches or .78mm in 50 seconds. Also deep etching into aluminum .02 inches or .5mm in 50 seconds. The deep etching is accomplished with the LP9000F series of fiber lasers in this case a 20w’s of power hits the metal with a 168mm F-theta lens and 7.5″ 191mm spacing between the part and the laser focus objective. Much faster and/or deep etching of metal is easily achieved with higher power fiber laser and S or Z type laser configuration. The fiber laser series from Worldwide Laser are pulsed fiber lasers from 20w to 400w WLSC partners with SPI lasers as our laser source for all fiber laser series automation. The LP9000f series of fiber lasers features Pulse Tune technology which provides the ability to select waveforms, offering pulse durations from 3 ns – 2000 ns. Each pulse waveform is designed for maximum peak power and pulse energy at an optimized pulse repetition frequency. Laser frequency is controllable up to 500w and the WLSC laser controller software offers options such as wobble features which allow for deep fast metal etching and other alloys such as copper.

deep etching metal with fiber automation

Advantages of Deep Etching Metal with Fiber Automation

Major advantages provided by use of the LP9000F series of laser automation for deep etching metal are:

  • Mechanical striking or scribing systems are eliminated thereby reducing or eliminating metal fatigue.
  • Regulatory requirements regarding depth and permanence of metal parts identification are easily complied.
  • Products, consumers, and manufactures are all protected.
  • Costs are reduced as scrap, supplies [think blades and pin scribers] are eliminated.
  • Production time and labor are saved.
  • Eco-friendly green manufacturing environments are created and encouraged.


About Worldwide Laser Service Corporation [WLSC]

WLSC was founded July of 1986 in Phoenix AZ 85009 and currently with headquarters in Gilbert AZ 85233. We are the premier laser system integration expert in the industry for laser marking pharmaceutical products in packaging and with all stages of laser automation. WLSC has customers and end users throughout N. American and in ten [10] other countries outside N. America. WLSC has the ability to build, design, install, and maintain laser automation with several different laser platforms for Co2, Fiber/YAG, UV-355nm, and newly introduced Green-532nm series. The LP9000F series from 10 watts to 200 watts and use of SPI Lasers as the laser generator source. The LP9000F series provides the best science and best applications experience available in the industry. The laser system engineers at WLSC have a combined 100+ years’ experience in running applications tests and for end users. We make sure the correct laser platforms are chosen for the end users requirements and then to design, build, and install the integrated laser solution. WLSC has an applications lab in our Gilbert AZ facility with Co2, YAG\Fiber, UV and Green lasers coupled with either galvo scanner heads or fixed beam deliveries for testing products. Our mission at WLSC is to reduce manufacturing costs, protect products and consumers, and provide an Eco-Friendly green manufacturing environment, at Worldwide Laser we know LASERS and we look forward to working with you and your facilities for laser automation matters, contact WLSC at any time, we look forward to hearing from you.