Laser Integration with a linear marking system and UV automation is demonstrated here as the newest marking system from Worldwide Laser places color marking on plastic.

Laser Integration Features

WLSC can provide a wide range of features, both hardware and software, when it comes to new systems. The features and functions chosen for automation are driven by the end user requirements and the material types under the beam. The system engineers at WLSC are experts at testing your materials and determining the correct integration configuration for your requirements.

Laser integration with the WLSC Linear Marking System

laser integration and UV laser automation

  • Linear belt
  • Fixtures for parts. These fixtures can be designed to hold different sizes parts and can be attached the belt with dowel pins & quick disconnects if the need for running different parts configuration exists.
  • Vision system, or in this case two vision camera, one to read a bar code determining what will be printed by the laser and a second one to verify the bar code is readable. Different features can be used for input items such as scanning of travelers or sending marking details from factory host computer systems.
  • A rejection cylinder and holding bin for rejected parts. This is used if the bar code is not readable, the laser doesn’t fire or, the laser printed details are different than information sent for marking. Two rejections in a row of parts creates a hard stop and system warning that requires operator intervention to determine if a problem exists.
  • In this case, the fixtures on the belt are manually loaded by an operator and unloaded by dropping into a finished parts bin as the belt turns. However, the system easily lends itself to loading by a robot or articulated arm and unloading onto a take away belt or conveyer in order in increase automation and through-put.

Laser Integration Software Features with Linear Marking System

  • The system features an HMI – human machine interface. This system shows operating status, laser status and function, yield, and any error messages. Error message are classified by order of seriousness, with some stopping the system, and requiring an operator or supervisor to acknowledge before operations can continue. The HMI is completely customizable to user specification.
  • The system cover interlocks with dual switches to provide a complete certified Class One safety environment meeting CDRH FDA standards, the cover is a gull wing design opening up to save space and fit easily into existing operations.
  • The Linear marking system can be delivered with any platform.
    • Co2
    • Fiber
    • UV 355NM
    • Green 532NM

About Worldwide Laser Service Corporation

The mission of WLSC is to protect products and consumers, reduce manufacturing costs, and provide eco-friendly green manufacturing environments through the use of integration. WLSC has corporate offices in Gilbert AZ 85233, and has system installed and running in all countries in N. America as well as installations in Central, South American and S.E. Asia. WLSC has been designing, building, and installing system integration for 31+ years. We look forward to hearing from you at WLSC we know lasers.