Laser Automation Co2 Marking Cabinets and Wood

Laser Automation Co2 laser marking Cabinets is demonstrated in the video above. Laser marking cabinets and wood allows for the easy and fast identification of products, cabinet makers can quickly and easily add their company name, logo, and other details to the inside of drawers and cabinet. The use of laser etching eliminates paper, foil, and metal labels eliminating inventory requirements and possible missing identification. Laser systems can be designed to provide laser etching at of the assembled product or laser etching of the individual cabinet or drawer parts prior to assembly.

The LP8000 series of Co2 series range in power from 10 watt to 400 watts and are configured with galvo beam delivery system and F-theta final focus optics.

These marking systems run with exceptional speed and accuracy marking even the finest of details with an approximate 250 micron laser spot size. They can laser etch designs and logos anywhere within a 5 inch to 7 inch field without moving either the part or the laser.

Designs and logos can be easily changed over for different cabinets, drawers or other products. It is simple for the marking of private label items with just a simple change in artwork, eliminating the need for different stocks of labels or stamps saving production time and reducing costs.

Laser Automation Co2 Laser Marking Cabinets and Wood methods:

Fixed beam laser automation 

 In some cases, it has been considered necessary to use fixed beam laser systems for laser marking or laser etching wood. Generally this has been the case if the details related to the required etching are very fine, for example with very detailed or small logo’s. The use of fixed beam lasers requires that either the laser and beam delivery be moved or the wood is moved generally on an x-y table or articulated arm. These two options work well, but have disadvantages related to speed of process [cycle time] and limitation of automation options. Fixed beam details and information can be found here.

Flying mirror for laser automation Co2 laser Marking Cabinets and Wood:

Flying mirror systems are often used for Laser Automation Co2 Laser Marking Cabinets and Wood. These system offer the advantage of small laser spot sizes available in the .10 inch range, and provide the ability mark fine details such as very small logo’s. Additionally, these systems come with enclosures and fume extraction systems in closed cabinets. The major disadvantage of these system is slow processing time and lack of automation; however, if these types of systems used WLSC can offer automation options as we did for one customer marking labels and demonstrated here.

Galvo heads for laser automation Co2 Laser Marking Cabinets and Wood:

Galvo based lasers offer the best method for laser etching as they provide the fastest method to complete the job. They offer shortest cycle time by an order of magnitude times 75 or 100 thus greatly increasing the production flow through and output. Galvo heads can be configured for different focus lengths, size of marking fields and laser spot sizes detailed here. The smallest laser spot size generally available from a galvo head is approximately 100 microns to 150 microns. In these cases, the marking field is limited to 2 inches square or less. It is possible that the smallest laser spot size available from a standard galvo head and F-theta final focus optic is to large for laser etching or laser marking of fine details. Additionally, the small marking field might not provide enough area for the required logo or information. In this case, the issues can be solved via the use of the WLSC 3-Axis galvo head which will allow a very large laser marking area of up to 1000 mm by 1000mm or 39+ inches square, check the 3 axis galvo head details here. 

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WLSC is located at 1340 W San Pedro Street Gilbert AZ 85233 for the past 20+ years, after relocation from our original location in Phoenix AZ 85009. WLSC has been working with customers from the cabinet industry and with other customers wood products for 31+ years, since our founding July of 1986. In many cases, WLSC has been able to used one of wood marking methods described above and though testing of the product in our applications lab, coupled by working with our partners in the industry been able to design the proper laser marking solution or our clients. The purpose of WLSC is to work with you and your manufacturing process to help design and install laser based solutions to manufacturing processes. WLSC has a team of laser engineers, with over 100 years of combined applications experience and knowledge ready to work with and help resolve manufacturing problems, concerns, and bottle necks. We look forward to hearing from you and working together