Industrial Laser Automation is an increasing important feature in order to reduce labor costs and produce competitively priced products. Worldwide laser Service Corporation introduces the newest addition to our laser drilling series of lasers, the model LP8000D as demonstrated in the video link and pictures is equipped with a TEA Co2 impact laser and designed for drilling holes or via based on patterns established and imported from a DXF file.

Industrial Laser Automation Laser Drilling Features

The LP8000D system incorporates a TEA Co2 impact laser capable of running up to 500 Hz [500 shots per second] with pulse duration of .002 seconds at the high end.  Also included in the drilling system is a vacuum table, x-y table, high speed galvo head, and machine vision system with lighting. This very high fire rate allows for laser drilling precise of fine clean via’s through several different types of materials including PCB.

Industrial Laser Automation Laser Drilling Software

The entire system is run with custom interface software and HMI or human machine interface program for component control and vision interface. Drilling system variables such as machine vision status, location and recording of fiducials, along with control of major system functions such as interlocks and vacuum are located on the HMI. Also provided is a joy stick with toggles, for slow and fast speeds, allowing the operator to fine tune a precise location to be laser drilled.

Industrial Laser Automation Laser Drilling System Options

The system has different standard models and can be equipped with a Fiber-YAG laser up to 500 watts, UV 355nm up to 100w or 532nm up to 40 watts. These are used for drilling or cutting materials such as Kapton, Polyamide film, PBC boards and Ceramic. The system foot print becomes considerably smaller with these laser interface options.

The system models are:

  • LP8000 Co2 (10,600nm and 930nm)
  • LP9000F (YAG-FIBER 1064 -1067 nm)
  • LP9000U (UV 355nm)
  • LP9000G (Green 532nm)

Industrial Laser Automation Laser Drilling Additional Options

The system, regardless of wavelength, is also equipped with an automated z-axis for the galvo head allowing for different profile of materials o be cut or drilled. The f-theta demonstrated is a 100mm lens and spot sizes are controlled with apertures placed in the beam delivery path. There are five different standard options available for these optical system components.

Industrial Laser Automation Case Study

Laser Drilling, especially with TEA Co2 lasers and lamp pumped Nd:YAG lasers, have been used in industry for many years. Some of the systems are 20 years old and, the original OEM’s for the laser drilling equipment are either no longer in business or have moved to other lines. Now the older systems are starting to break down and loose effectiveness. At one time, a WLSC customer wanted to assure they have a second system with the latest software and equipment for back up to a critical older drilling system. WLSC was able to provide a new updated state of the art laser drilling system for that end user.

These drilling system also provide a new and extremely effective manner for manufactures in the solar, cellular, flat panel, PCB, and ceramics industries to cut and drill products reducing scrap rates to near zero, increasing industrial through put, reducing labor costs, and developing environmentally friendly green manufacturing process.

About Worldwide Laser Service Corporation [WLSC]

WLSC has over  32 years experience with industrial laser automation and laser drilling systems at Worldwide. We were founded in July of 1986 and, we continue to be the industry leading experts in Industrial Laser Automation, for TEA Co2, Steered Beam Co2, and specialize in Fiber-YAG, 355nm and 532nm laser drilling and laser cutting applications. Our company office, plant, and lab is located in Gilbert AZ 85233. We have installations all over North America and multiple offshore locations. WLSC has a wide range of applications, industry experience, and distribution network. At Worldwide Laser, we know LASERS and look forward to hearing from you.