Color Laser Marking Plastic is a critically important and useful feature for many industries from manufactures of wooden products like drawers, cabinets, and furniture to medical and pharmaceutical operations. The advantages of Laser Automation for color laser marking plastic and metal are many some of which are:

  • Elimination of inks, chemicals, and solvent providing for eco-friendly green manufacturing environments.
  • Eliminate of contact with parts, reducing or eliminating scrap rates, and unclearly marked or smeared products, thereby contributing to the reduction of manufacturing costs.
  • Elimination of plant or line down time related to change of marking requirements, as laser automation allows change of marking details with the simple importation of a marking file, again significantly reducing manufacturing costs and increasing product through put.
  • Creating machine readable bar codes for product identification and for data to be added to track and trace data bases, providing protection for consumers.
  • Elimination of paper, metal, and vinyl labels reducing manufacturing costs, eliminating labeling errors, and reducing manufacturing costs.

The LP9000U 355nm series of lasers from 1 watt to 100 watts provides the ability to color laser mark most plastics and many metals, these series of lasers are able to provide color laser marking without spray on additives and do not involve any secondary manufacturing processes. Color contrast and color maybe changed in certain cases with the addition of additives to the plastic resin such as Ti02, generally however the shade of color marking is determined by the chemistry of the laser light interaction with the plastic or metal and fixed or not changeable/controllable.

The LP9000G 532 series of lasers can also provide color laser marking on many plastics and metals sometimes at lower costs when compared to the LP9000U 355nm series.

With both of these laser automation options color laser marking takes place without engraving into or damage to the surface of the parts, the laser light creates a photosynthesis change in the material providing a permanent non removal color contrasting mark, the part surface remains smooth to the touch, no depressions or trenches are created and bacteria and mold cannot grow in surface depressions, making this laser automation ideal for most medical and pharmaceutical laser marking requirements.

The mission of Worldwide Laser Service Corporation to protect products and consumers, reduce manufacturing costs, and provide eco-friendly green manufacturing environments through the use of laser automation. At Worldwide Laser we know lasers, our laser system engineers are looking forward to hearing from you and working to design, build, and install the correct laser automation system for you operations.