Worldwide Laser Service Corporation has been offering Laser Cutting Plastic solutions all over the world, for over 32 years. The main goal in all of our manufacturing solutions is to find new eco-friendly ways to solve issues with production, tracking, and trace management. Our laser integration systems can save our clients time and money.

Co2 laser cutting system in process

We crate, ship, install, and train all of our clients on their new laser products. If there are issues with your new system, we have the ability to remotely diagnose your laser to maximize your manufacturing time. All of the key components to our lasers are kept in stock to be able to offer replacement parts quickly. Our representatives, at WLSC, are ready to help you find the best solution for your manufacturing needs.

What is Laser Cutting Plastic?

In many industries, there is a large need to quickly and efficiently cut plastics. Before laser technology, cutting plastics was not efficient causing unneeded costs. Using lasers to cut your plastics adds many advantages such as:

Advantages of Laser Cutting Plastic

  • Laser Cutting Plastic can save money in your manufacturing process, by eliminating the use of blades that can be costly to replace.
  • Lasers also create an ecofriendly manufacturing process by eliminating dust, debris, and air born particles.
  • With the Co2s sealing effect, cuts with lasers can have a clean, smooth, and polished edge.
  • There is no need to realign your laser. Lasers are very accurate which save on plastic waste. Lasers Cutting Plastic are extremely accurate and leave clean cuts over traditional methods.
  • Lasers cutting plastic can increase your manufacturing process with its quick speeds; however, some cutting process can be fully automated or fed by hand.
  • Lasers are also extremely versatile since lasers systems can be realigned to cut your different products. They can be changed to increase or decrease the size of the cutting area, altering the cutting pattern, adjusted to cut a different material.
  • Quality Lasers can continue to be used for years to come since the machine never comes in contact with the item that is being cut.

Important Laser Cutting Plastic Parts

Laser cutting plastic

Flying Mirror is where the beam is delivered with a 90-degree mirror that turns the beam down toward the table. There are various sized mirror systems build for all table top sizes.

Galvo Based Beam Delivery Systems are where the beam is sent from the generator to a box that is about 12 inches by 12 inches. This box contains two high speed motors and mirrors. The mirrors move back and forth to direct the laser to the plastic where it will cut. Different cutting field sizes can be determined based on the final focus optic that is chosen.


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Whether it is a new laser system you need or assistance with your current system, we are ready to help. Contact a representative at WLSC to learn more today.