Your Laser Integration Specialist!

Worldwide Laser Service Corporation is much more than a laser system provider or seller of laser tubes and associated laser commodities
At Worldwide Laser we specialize is helping to create new MFG process and solve MFG production issues/problems, we are expert at determining:

    • 1. If industrial lasers are the correct solution
    • 2. Determining which laser platform is the best solution for the customer in terms of results and cost effectiveness, the LP8000 Co2 series, the LP9000F Nd:YAG and Fiber series, and/or LP9000U 355nm laser
    • 3. Research based on specific customer requirements to determine if items like additives are useful and helpful in the process of marking or etching products [WLSC will research the additives and test the customer products with the additives so customers can make decisions on if the additives are workable for the process]
    • 4. Design and build of custom system to provide marking solution for customer provided with full 2-D [PDF] and 3-D [Solid works] drawings, these system include full  laser integration or can be semi automated and built with scalability so that higher levels of automation can be added later.
    • 5. In house WLSC job shop for processing parts and running the process to refine and test market acceptance prior to install at customers facility, charged at an agreed upon hourly or per part rate.
    • 6. When ready for install WLSC crates, ships, and provides install and training at the customers facility
    • 7. WLSC systems are equipped with remote diagnostic connections so any problems or issues after install can be addressed and resolved quickly
    • 8. WLSC has in stock at our Gilbert AZ facility all key parts and components of any custom built system in order to provide next day replacement of parts if required
    • 9. WLSC has Spanish speaking Laser System Engineers for installations and training is Central and South American facilities
    10. WLSC has offices and/or distributors agents in SE Asia, and Europe for support of offshore facilities