Contract Manufacturing for laser cutting and laser marking.

For 27 years, WLSC has been providing customized cutting, engraving, and marking solutions to industrial clients that integrate seamlessly with internal production capabilities. Over the past few years, WLSC has been asked to take this customization one step further, by fully automating acceptance/rejection of parts using vision systems and completing the packaging process. In providing these fully integrated capabilities, WLSC has been asked to help contact manufacturing companies learn how to utilize the equipment provided efficiently and to help them to achieve overall efficiency in manufacturing. Since more and more of WLSC’s customers are using contract manufacturing, WLSC has is now implementing a contract manufacturing facility where its expertise in Laser Integration can be brought through the manufacturing process efficiently and at reasonable cost. Combining WLSC’s experience in using Laser Integration with this new manufacturing capability provides opportunities to achieve quicker success by having a single partner rather than having to manage multiple partners. Let WLSC bid on your next laser solution need as well at the opportunity to manufacture for you.

• Expert laser cutting and laser marking system design capabilities
• Modern facility with room for 20,000+ square foot expansion
• 20 minutes east of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
• 10 minutes north of William Gateway International Airport
• Close and convient for Mexican and California distribution points and markets

The system featured in the video below is designed to work for contract manufactures or for any operator loaded line

The system features include
Fixtures built to conform with the specific product being processed
A fire sensor for automatic laser marking
Variable speed belt
Switch for automatic selection of the proper laser marking file
An interlocked laser safe viewing cover for operator safety and OSHA compliance
An automatic unloading of the laser marked parts