The LP9000U series of UV lasers can provide significant advantages when compared to traditional Co2 YAG and Fiber laser marking please check our picture gallery of UV laser marks or visit our UV video gallery for demonstration of the LP9000U series of UV lasers actually marking products or call 480.892.8566 option 5 to speak with a technical sales engineer By clicking on any of the links above you can find additional detail information and pictures about laser marking your products with the UV series the LP9000U.

Some of the major features achievable with the LP9000U series of UV lasers:

  • Color contrasting laser marks with no additives or extra process
  • Very small laser beam spot size as small as 20 micrometers allowing for high speed high quality laser marking of very fine details and logos on many different types of products
  • No heat transfer into products when marking metal, ceramics, leather or woods thereby eliminative the altering of the product chemical qualities this is a very important consideration especially when laser marking products in certain applications such as implantable medical devices
  • On the fly [laser marking while product moving] ability
  • Set up with galvo based or fixed beam lasers
  • Extremely small and compact size provides ease of Laser System Integration with minimum space requirements marking head can be remote located closer to the product being marked
  • Unique design allows for quickly changing laser beam spot size and eliminates the need for expensive final focus optics
  • Very clean laser marking process with no or very little debris created by the LP9000U series of UV lasers often no fume or debris extraction system is required and the laser marking process may be acceptable even in clean room environments
  • Unique product identification that cannot be removed without destroying the product for example sub surface laser marking on glass and plastics to prevent and track product theft, counterfeiting, and warranty control programs