Worldwide Laser provides laser systems allowing for non-contact marking/engraving solution The process is clean, repeatable, readable (even machine readable) fast. and low maintenance, the state of the art laser controller software that comes with every Worldwide Laser system allows for the speedy and accurate importation of marking or engraving files. Laser marking and engraving systems from Worldwide Laser provide the ability to quickly change the marking or engraving by simply electronically changing the art work eliminating the line changes and shut down for conversion traditionally associated with changing marking/etching requirements.

Worldwide Lasers systems can be set up as stand alone system or integrated into assembly lines (see complete laser marking solutions) our customer base includes small family owned operations and large multi-nationals with multiple lines and plants.

Designed and built for specific laser etching, marking or laser engraving our systems can handle virtually any material or process, please see our applications lab gallery for examples of laser marked & engraved parts.

Worldwide Laser will be pleased to sample mark or engrave any of your parts in our state of the art applications lab by sample marking/engraving your parts. We can determine the best laser system for your application, the parts are returned to you with a detail system quote and specific information on which laser, lens, and spot size was used for marking, Worldwide Laser is happy to video the process & place the video clips on our FTP server for your review, so that a better understanding of the laser marking or laser engraving process is available, Worldwide Laser’s state of art application has been extensively used by our customers and offers the following technology for testing and qualifying your products:

  • Nd:YAG Laser, arc-lamp
  • Nd:YAG Laser, diode-pumped
  • CO2 Laser
  • Fiber Laser