Our Laser Marking Techonology

Welcome to Worldwide Laser Service Corporation we build laser marking & laser engraving systems specifically designed for your unique application requirements.

Our CO2 lasers, YAG, & Fiber lasers, placed with either galvo heads or fixed beam systems and WLSC laser controller software, are used to quickly and permanently mark alphanumeric character, logos, bar codes [standard and data matrix, 2-D] into a variety of materials at high speed with great accuracy and no product contact or consumables.

Amount materials or parts that can be laser marked are, connectors, computer chips, printed circuit boards, plastics, woods, paper, ceramic and painted or anodized metals, uncoated or bare metals, rubber, cardboard, glass, PETE and PET bottles or containers, and more, please review information by material.

Among the outstanding features offered by laser marking are improved reliability and throughput over conventional solutions such as ink jet printing.

Worldwide Laser couples our Co2 lasers with galvo heads for fastest, clearest, most repeatable and readable marking/engraving in the industry our galvo heads offer several different entry beam sizes, marking/engraving fields, and focus lens options which can be viewed by clicking on the PDF below:

WLSC spot size & marking areas