Worldwide Laser is pleased to announce the LP8010 our air cooled 10w Co2 laser system. This compact, robust, powerful laser system includes a 15 month written warranty on the laser tube [actual laser lifetimes in excess of 30,000 hours have been observed] Standard laser controller software can be upgrade for an additional costs, the remaining system components carry the standard 12 month parts & labor warranties. As with all laser systems provided by Worldwide Laser after sales technical support via phone, fax, & e-mail are free of charge for the laser system lifetime.

The LP8010 10w Co2 laser is ideal for marking & etching operations on papers, woods, painted or anodized metals, glass, plastics, Integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, plastic & glass containers or bottles, plastics containers & bottles, PCV, films & wraps. The LP8010 10w Co2 laser can be used as a stand alone marking operation or easily integrated into any production equipment or conveyer lines, Worldwide Laser technical staff & engineers are available to design & build a complete turn key system, or provide training & assistance with integration. Take a look at the integration drawings on this page to view & determine how the LP8010 could be interfaced with your production equipment, please do not hesitate to call with any questions or for additional details.

The LP8010 10w laser system is available for a very competitive price complete with all components necessary for laser operations, including installation drawings & manuals. In most cases when compared with standard ink printing or embossing devises the payback period for a new LP8010 is less than one year, when the LP8010 10w Co2 laser is purchased no additional supplies are required, no ink, solvents, cleaners, etc. The LP8010 10w Co2 laser does not require any standard maintenance for a minimum of 15 months & in most cases up to 30,000 hours of operations [meaning if your plant runs 24 hours per day five days a week 50 weeks a year you can expect up to five [5] years of operations.] The complete lack of expenses related to supplies & maintenance creates a very short & fast payback period for the purchase of new LP8010 10w lasers. These factors combined with the extreme flexibility related to creating marking designs, [due to the highly flexible software package associated with Worldwide Laser’s Co2 laser systems including the LP8010 10w laser.] allow your plant the best possible product marking available in the industry today. Finally don’t forget to consider leasing options offered by Worldwide Laser from 24 months to 60 months that can reduce or eliminate the capital expense associated with purchase of new equipment.

Give us a call so we can talk about how to design & set up a laser marking system for your operations. Worldwide Laser has an applications lab with 10w, 25w, 50w, &100w LP8000 Co2 lasers, let us sample laser mark your parts to help with the qualification of laser systems for your plant.