CO2 lasers and CO2 laser systems can laser mark, laser etch, and laser cut a wide range of products, The LP8000 series of CO2 lasers from Worldwide Laser provide the least expensive [ The LP8010 10w Co2 laser starts at $14,975.00, even the powerful LP8100 100 watt C02 laser system from Worldwide Laser starts at only $33,975.00] highest quality industrial CO2 laser available today, combined with our windows based [ Worldwide Laser Co2 laser software runs on any windows platform 95/98/2000\NT/XP] user friendly CO2 laser system controller software creating a powerful, reliable, long life CO2 laser system for your laser marking, laser etching and laser cutting requirements.

The LP8000 series of CO2 lasers have wide application including the following applications:

  • Glass And Quartz CO2 Laser Marking And Etching
  • Plastic Laser Marking And Laser Cutting
  • Metal Laser Marking
  • Wood Laser Marking
  • Medical Device Laser Marking
  • Film And Fabric Laser Marking And Laser Cutting
  • Airline Parts Laser Marking
  • Paper Laser Marking And Laser Cutting
  • Rubber Laser Marking And Laser Cutting

If you have not seen your specific material application call us at 480.892.8566 and choose option 5 from the menu to discuss you laser marking, laser cutting or laser etching needs. Worldwide Laser can design, build, and install a complete laser system for your operations.

  • Laser and Marking head aligned and mounted to a rigid mounting platform.
  • Laser is mounted on three point system with easy to operate left/right and up/down movement for simple and quick in the field replacement and alignment. Power supply provided in 19″ rack mount cabinet.
  • Power supply has easy to remove and replace [plug in] components in case replacement is required.
  • Power supply comes standard with eight [8] input/outputs for integration with programmable controllers, testers, handlers, conveyers, and other production equipment.
  • Standard visible red dot pointing, target, alignment lasers.
  • Computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Laser controller software and interface card – Windows 95/98/2000/ and NT.
  • Completely customizable, user controlled, front end in VB.
  • Can be controlled over network.
  • Complete Customization available via WLSC software engineers if required. Capabilities to utilize images and text created by standard design programs such as AutoCAD CorelDraw and more.
  • Systems available on stand alone or fully integrated basis
  • Worldwide Laser engineers available for system interface and other assistance