Worldwide Laser is forced on and dedicated to working with you to use laser systems and laser controller software to solve your production problems and address any product, production, reporting issues that you and your company may be facing.

Worldwide Laser with our 21 years of experience building and installing laser systems all over the world is also uniquely qualified to assist in working with you and your company to protect your products and services from COUNTERFIETS which in world today is an increasing frequent and potentially devastating [reputation and financially] event.

How can Worldwide Laser assist with your production issues, there are several ways Our laser systems themselves be they T.E.A. Co2, CWCo2, YAG, or Fiber are state of the art, compact, reliable with varied options and features. The laser systems are driven by windows based software, can be run with our without computers, can be networked and run from a central location or individually controlled.

Worldwide Laser was originally created as a company for the purpose of field installation and service so our company culture is service oriented when Worldwide Laser designed & started to build laser systems we incorporated that SERVICE culture into our laser systems the LP2000 series of TEA Co2 lasers, the LP8000 series of CWCo2 lasers and the LP9000 series of YAG & fiber lasers are designed with service and easy field replacement alignment incorporated Worldwide Laser has programmers available to provide custom laser controller software programs to address your production requirements we have developed a series of custom laser programs to assist our customers with various production problems from automatic file selections, to bar code readers to anti counterfeiting measurements, please review our software section for details.

Worldwide Laser is uniquely qualified to assist with any of the productions issues related to product marking or cutting that are affecting your operations just give us a call to discuss the problem together we will work out the solution.

At Worldwide Laser your satisfaction is our most important product.