The LP2000 series are TEA Co2 Atmospheric Lasers utilizing masks, and external laser gas mixture for laser marking. WLSC has designed the LP2000 series with many improvements over existing laser marking systems. WLSC offers complete beam delivery systems, mask sets, training, installation and integration of the LP2000 series with virtually any handler or conveyer your plant may utilize. The available models are:

  • LP2000 – Spark Gap Driven
  • LP2500 – Thryatron Tube Driven
  • LP3000 – Thryatron Driven with metal laser cavity

Within each model series WLSC offers five different configurations marking at speeds from 300 parts per minute to 1500 parts per minute & from 5 Hz to 25 Hz. These configurations are detailed under the technical specifications.

The LP2000 series offers:

  • Significantly decreased rates of self-fire.
  • Increased internal component life.
  • Higher mark quality.
  • Perfect for zero defect marking in electronics, packaging, & pharmaceutical applications.
  • All LP2000 series are provided with solid metal long life rear optics which will not require replacement almost indefinitely.

WLSC offers for use with the LP2000 series:

  • Beam Delivery parts, focus, & cylindrical optics
  • Specialized beam delivery systems
  • New Parts for CO2 TEA lasers
  • Repair components for Co2 lasers
  • Rebuilt\refurbished CO2 lasers
  • New & replacement laser mask sets
  • Training course