Worldwide Laser Software is a high-end laser control software that is richly featured and loaded with advanced capabilities like importation of 25 vector and 12 raster file formats, 26 finely tunable bar code formats including ID Matrix 2_D codes, precise vector hatch fill generation for graphics & true type fonts, password protections, tool path optimizer [optimizes vector sequence and eliminates unnecessary moves to insure fastest possible laser marking or cutting] and a large variety of user configurable features.

Worldwide Laser offers a software option called PLUS that includes the same advanced features set as the standard Worldwide Laser software with the addition of four [4] external axis control. This control permits laser marking or cutting around cylinders and over areas larger than the laser lens field. PLUS can be integrated with most motion systems including stepper motors or servo motor controls.

Worldwide Laser offers another software option called TOOLKIT which is a powerful MFC extension DLL that allows Worldwide Laser System Dvision Engineers to build custom laser marking solutions if you have custom needs that involve access to SQL servers, special reporting, or any other features contact us & let our engineers build the correct software solution for your needs.

The most current version of Worldwide Laser Software, SERVER, has been upgraded to include the following major features: Can be run on windows 2000, NT, or XP Improved & upgraded graphics importer that allows, amoung other things importation of .DXF & DWG directly from AutoCAD 2000. Front end programs written in VB which allows access to servers, data base reporting, special handler interfaces, ect. Many more new options

All versions of Worldwide Laser Software offer the following major functions.

Worldwide Laser Software interfaces with Nd:YAG and Co2 lasers.

  • Digital high speed, first pulse suppression, complete user tunable
  • Digital Q-Switch frequency and pulse with control
  • Digital tickle, variable frequency
  • Digital pulse with modulation, variable frequency no external PWM electronics are required.
  • Digital gate
  • Digital input & output, eight [8] bits each for parts handler and miscellaneous laser controls.
  • Analog power control
  • Analog Q-Switched frequency control

Machine/Parts handler control digital input & output, eight [8] bits each, user programmable

  • Parts detection
  • Start mark signal
  • Abort mark signal
  • Interlock detection
  • Mark in progress signal
  • Mark complete signal
  • Conditional object marking
  • Process synchronization
  • Multi-sided parts
  • Analog focus controls
  • Programmable timer delays
  • Many other uses

Mark field control, Worldwide Laser Software has a variety of features that can be used to control the configuration of the marking field area & motion control hardware, as follows:

  • Square or Circular filed are supported
  • Variable field orientation
  • Swap X/Y
  • Negate X
  • Negate Y
  • Field position and angular offsets
  • English and metric units
  • Resolutions down to .0001cm and field sizes up to 32 meters square
  • User configurable grids, with snap. Both linear and rotational grids are provided
  • Pincushion and barrel distortion correction
  • Galvo lag compensation adjustment for individual objects
  • Slew relate limited height speed positioning minimizes ringing
  • Output rates of up to 70,000 parts coordinate pairs per second
    Writing throughput of 200+ characters per second [.1 high simplex font]
  • True arc generation, circular interpolation
  • Vector fills compensation & density
  • True type fonts
  • ID matrix, 2-D codes
  • Bar codes
  • Cross hatch & hatch angle control
  • Wobble control with variable width, user selectable density and shape
  • Sine wave
  • Square wave
  • Saw tooth

User Interface

  • Standard windows menu system, application size and location are memorized between invocations
  • Dockable toolbars for common functions. Toolbar locations are memorized between invocations
  • Right click property access and power menus. Property access for parts programs, layers and objects
  • Multiple document and view interface
  • Cut, copy, insert, replace, duplicate and undo functions
  • Background layers allows for display of part images, job annotations and special operator instructions
  • User configurable multiple layer combinations views. Allows for viewing different aspects of a part with mark data and background
  • Zoom functions
  • Smart graphics handles allows for direct manipulation of the object itself, not just a bounding box
  • Anchor points
  • Positioning
  • Sizing
  • Stretching
  • Rotation
  • Tilt
  • Center of ring rotation [ring mode objects]
  • Advanced bounding boxes rotate in frame of reference of the object, not the CRT, Ring mode bounding box is a ring, not a rectangle. Greatly simplifies mouse manipulation of objects at angels or in ring mode
  • Layer/Object layout box provides a test view of the program as a tree structure. Cut, insert, replace, layer, creation. Object creations and property access are provided with the tree
  • I/O monitor displays the current state of all digital & analog I/O signals
  • Graphics file importer
  • Print Function
  • Mark dialog with auto, manual, light show, batch, and setup marking modes

Objects types

    • Fixed text
    • Dynamic test
    • Keyboard input with prompting
    • Alphanumeric serialization with programmable auto rest, increments & prompting Date. Time coding
    • RS-232
    • Disk file
    • User specified EXE or DLL call
    • Graphics import 23 vector formats including:
      • TPI,ALG
      • PLT,HGL, Hewlett Packard
      • Al Adobe illustrator
      • CDR, CMXm WPG Corel
      • CGM computer graphics metafile
      • DRW, DSF MicroGrafx Designer
      • DWG, DXF AutoCAD
      • EMF, WMF Windows Metafile
      • EPS Encapsulated PostScript
      • GEM Graphics Environments Manager
      • IGS Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
      • MET OS/2 PM Metafile
      • PDF Portable Document
      • PIC Lotus 123
      • PIC Macintosh
      • WPG Word Perfect

Object Control

      • All objects
      • Position
      • Size
      • Aspect
      • Mirror X or Y
      • Rotation angle
      • Tilt angle
      • Vertical & horizontal justification with auto
      • Line width [wobble]
      • Text objects
      • Kerning fractions [true type]
      • Ring mode
      • Character spacing
      • Line spacing
      • Fonts
      • True type
      • Engraving fonts, including single, double line, Helvetica, OCR, script, cursive, roman, simplex, complex, ect.
      • ID matrix, 2D Symbology
      • Bar codes, 23 formats including, 39.93, 2 of 5, 128, UPC, ect, normal, reverse, quite zones, check sum, complete turnable.

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