Zap-IT™ Laserware v2.0

Worldwide Laser Service Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of new laser controller software to the suite of laser products we offer our customers. Zap-IT™ laser controller software has been designed by the laser applications engineers and laser installation/repair technicians at WLSC so the design concepts and control feature package are based on many years of real word hands on laser application experience. The IT department at Worldwide Laser is staffed with highly capable programmers with many years of experience spread across multiple industries. Worldwide Laser Service Corporation has a highly diverse customer base ranging from fortune 50 companies with multiple laser systems installed at various plants and locations around the world to highly specialized niche manufactures serving specific industries from one plant or location, we have designed Zap-IT™ to fill the needs of this diverse and demanding customer base the result is a feature laden highly flexible customizable software that can be employed to fill virtually any requirement of laser marking and laser cutting. Zap-IT™ is available in different levels meaning the software can grow as your operations and products grow or change as newer or different features and functions from your laser system [s] are required.

Worldwide Laser has complete control of the entire laser marking or laser cutting system from the most basic physical components thru optics, beam deliveries and controlling software, many of our customers are in the medical, medical devise, [both surgical medical device and implantable medical device] industries as well as pharmacy industries, and Zap-IT™ is designed to accommodate requirements presented in these industries for track and trace of products, along with GAMP trace matrix, computer system validation, and factory acceptance testing reporting and scripts. We have also adapted these features of Zap-IT™ to provide laser track and trace marking and data base reporting methods for internal production control, counterfeiting control, product warranty validation and recall control. Let the Laser Automation experts at Worldwide Lasers system division design and build the correct laser system and software controls for your operations, please read below for specific details on Zap-IT™ laser controller software or give us a call at 480.892.8566 option 5, at Worldwide Laser we know lasers!

Zap-IT™ 2.0 is a high performance laser marking solution built upon years of experience in the laser marking field. Zap-IT™ supports the most major scan controllers on the market today, including the Cambridge EC-1000, Scanlab’s RTC/3, RTC/4, RTC/5, and SCAN alone products.

Zap-IT™ can control all of the popular laser types, to include

CO2, the LP8000 series wavelength 10.3 microns
Fiber, the LP9000F series wavelength 1064nm to 1067 nm the LP9000D diode pumped ND YAG
UV, the LP9000U series wavelength 355nm

Zap-IT™ has a number of available features which make it a very functional marking solution. Zap-IT™ includes draw objects such as Line, Ellipse/Circle, Rectangle/Square, Star, Octagon, Hexagon, Triangle, Variable Text, Date/Time, Bitmap Images, etc. Zap-IT™ also has multiple language support and support for multiple measurements to include inches, millimeters, and bits. Measurements are automatically adjusted to the corresponding lens size so the need to load correction files is eliminated reducing the possibilities of field size errors.
Zap-IT™ comes in several basic configurations

Basic – provides for marking text and objects with power, speed, and frequency controls
Level 1- provides for marking of text and objects with power, speed and frequency control, also has ability to import marking files and logos directly into the laser software

Level 2 – provides for marking of text and objects with power, speed, and frequency control, provides for importation of objects and marking files directly into the laser controller software and provides for standard and 2 D data matrix bar code printing

Level 3 – provides for marking of text and objects with power, speed, and frequency control, provides for importation of objects and marking files directly into the laser controller software and provides for standard and 2 D data matrix bar code printing, also provides for automation features such as, bar code scanning for opening marking files, inputs from PLC’s or control equipment for selection of marking files, fire of the laser, integration with vision, data base reporting for items such as laser track and trace reporting.

• Internal/External mark trigger control
• Advanced settings such as:

1. Diode Pointer Support
2. Home Beam After Mark

• Import marking objects from numerous file types, to include:

1. DXF
3. SVG
4. WMF
6. Old Zap-IT™ files

• Import scaling correction for individual x and y axes
• Multiple Layers
• Scan head control parameters for each layer
• Individual Layer Rotation
• Layer Marking Controls

• Advanced controls for each marking object

• Standard mark object manipulation:
1. Cut/Copy/Paste
2. Group/Ungroup
3. Move
4. Rotate
5.  Bring to Front/Send to Back

• All of the features of BASIC
• Integrated I/O monitor to view and control the current Input/output conditions

• Pre Mark Input and Pre Mark, Marking, and Post Mark Input conditions on all layers
• Enable/Disable individual mark objects or groups based on input conditions
• Advanced Layer Marking Controls, to include head controls and input/output conditions and signals

Barcode Marking Library
• Most common barcode types, including Code39, 128, I2of5, etc.

• Full control of text
1. Size
2. Font