Co2 lasers Systems are superb for laser marking, laser etching, and laser cutting ceramic. The Co2 laser system eliminates mechanical cutting methods and the associated wear on the product and scrap issues caused by

YAG diode marking on ceramic fuses

mechanical cutting. The Co2 laser and Co2 laser system utilized for laser marking and laser etching eliminates traditional methods such as sandblasting, printing, and the use of caustic substance saving time and cost, and eliminating the issues of solvents, maintenance and disposal of left over items.

Co2 lasers and Co2 laser systems combined with the newest state of the art windows driven software available from Worldwide Laser with various levels of features and functions allow your to change what is being laser marked or laser etched with a few touches of your keyboard, the need for extensive artwork and stenciled design with the associated time and costs involved is eliminated.

Some examples of Co2 lasers and Co2 laser systems laser marking, laser cutting, and laser etching ceramic are:

  • Co2 laser Ceramic marking
  • Co2 laser Ceramic cutting

Co2 lasers typically used for laser marking, laser cutting, and laser etching:

  • LP8010 10 watt Co2 laser system
  • LP8020 20 watt Co2 laser system
  • LP8030 30 watt Co2 laser system
  • LP8040 40 watt Co2 laser system
  • LP8060 60 watt Co2 laser system