The LP8000 series of Co2 lasers are idea for laser marking glass and quartz, replacing mechanical scribing, sand blasting, and ink pad or ink splitter systems

Co2 lasers are an excellent method of laser marking and laser etching glass and quartz laser marking of glass and quartz with Co2 lasers and Co2 laser systems can provide everything from ANSI safety information to advertising for your company. Co2 lasers when used to laser marking or laser etch glass and quartz replace traditional methods such as sand blasting, ink pad printing, and etching. Some the items that Co2 lasers and Co2 laser systems can be utilized for regarding laser marking and etching glass or quartz are:

  • Float glass plants
  • Manufacturing of glass doors and windows

    UV laser marking glass
  • Permanent serial numbering
  • ANSI safety information
  • Customer logos
  • Decorative or specialty glass manufacturing
  • Manufacturing data related to plant, production date and line, and/or part numbers

Co2 lasers and Co2 laser systems are well suited to laser etch and laser mark products such as mirrors used in television manufacturing with part numbers and product identification laser marks.

Co2 lasers are well suited to laser mark glass products that have defects or are being extruded and exceed specification. Co2 lasers can produce a highly readable laser mark when and where defects appear.

Co2 laser etching bar codes on glass

Co2 lasers are ideal for laser etching patterns and designs on glass for decorative or award purposes. Co2 lasers can replace traditional methods to mark glass such as chemical etch or sand blasting. Co2 lasers can provide excellent results for marking glass and also provide significant reductions in operating costs and cost of supplies.

[/caption]Co2 lasers can laser mark or laser etch glass products that are stationary or moving (on the fly).For Co2 lasers to mark glass on the fly, higher power Co2 lasers (50W) are sometimes required. Laser marking of glass by Co2 lasers on the fly or while moving can be an excellent addition for many industrial environments and applications for glass marking.

For Co2 lasers to laser mark and laser etch glass and quartz see:

  • LP8010 10 watt Co2 laser
  • LP8020 20 watt Co2 laser system
  • LP8030 30 watt Co2 laser system
  • LP8040 40 watt Co2 laser system
  • LP8060 60 watt Co2 laser system
  • LP8100 100 watt Co2 laser system
  • LP8200 200 watt Co2 laser system
  • LP8300 300 watt Co2 laser system
Co2 laser marking quartz

Examples of Co2 laser marking on glass and quartz:

  • Co2 laser marking of plate glass
  • Co2 laser marking of glass bottle
  • Co2 laser marking of quartz

YAG lasers in the 532 and 266 wave lengths can also provide outstanding laser marks either surface or inter-glass marking.

  • YAG Laser – Red
  • YAG Laser – Green