The systems division of Worldwide Laser has been building new turn key Laser Automation systems for the past 26 years since the founding of Worldwide Laser in 1986


Worldwide Laser builds laser marking and laser cutting system in four model configurations

Co2 systems steered beam [LP8000 series] and T.E.A. Mask [LP2500 series]
Diode and Lamp YAG system [LP9000D series]
Fiber Systems [LP9000F series]
UV 355nm Systems [LP9000U series]

Laser systems from Worldwide Laser can be integrated with many different automation features, examples of which can be viewed by clicking on the links below

Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals
Contract Manufacturers
Vibratory bowls and feeder tracks
Vision system for verification and parts acceptance or rejection
Pick n Place robotics for product movement
Vacuum pick n place for product movement
X-Y tables for product or laser head movement
Automated or manual Z-access for laser head height

These links will provide details related to new laser systems built and installed by Worldwide Laser’s system division including 3-D drawings, system renderings, and demonstration videos.

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