This video demonstrates the vibratory bowl

  • Feeder shoot from the parts hopper is at the top left – feeding parts into the vibratory bowl
  • The vibratory bowl itself is in the center and feeding the parts around and out of the bowl onto the feeder tracks
  •  The sensor and aluminum arm comprise the trigger mechanism for the hopper to send more parts into the bowl [the bowl is designed to operate at maximum effectiveness with a preset number or level of parts.] The hopper holds parts until the sensor monitoring parts level in the bowl calls for additional parts assuring the maximum effectiveness of parts feeding the highest possible production rate of completed units
  • All of these items can be monitored I/O which report conditions and results to the Human Machine Interface [HMI] so operators can be constantly aware of machine conditions.

The second video is this series is an overall shot of the vibratory bowl in motion. The sensor for the parts hopper rides on the surface of the parts inside the bowl and when the parts level in the bowl gets low additional parts are fed from the hopper to the vibratory bowl.