X-Y Laser Tables

This video demonstrates a new Laser Automation from Worldwide Laser for laser marking or laser cutting films, plastics, fabrics and many other materials, the system contains

– LP9003 UV 355nm laser

– 18” x 18” stainless steel x-y table with vacuum suction

– Galvo head with 330mm focus lens creating an 8.8” square laser cutting or laser marking area

– Automation Direct Motion control to run the x-y table, select the proper laser marking or laser cutting file [up to xxxx files can be loaded for automatic selection], fire the laser, and return the x-y table to proper position for loading the next sets of material

– 6” HMI touch screen for operator controls & messages with different password protected security levels

– complete CHRD class I laser safety enclosure with automatic open close door

– Welded frame and stand for durability and strength

– chiller and vacuum pump located in enclosed area to abate noise and provide protection, the vacuum pump is mounted on rubber isolation pads to prevent any vibration being transferred to the frame and vacuum table

– the vacuum table as ‘smart’ options which allows suction on sections of the table to be turned on and off so vacuum hold can be maximized based on the size of the part loaded on the vacuum table

– Light curtains that protect against operator or parts damage from the door

– Fully interlocked to prevent laser fire and x-y table movement if the air curtain is broken or interlock switches are not complete

– completely enclosed lower cabinet to house controllers, relays, with both ends of all electrical connections numbered and referenced to an electrical drawing

–the system operates by loading the part to be laser cut or laser marked on the x-y table and pressing the two start buttons or using the start button on the user interface the x-y table moves through the sequence and when complete returns to the load/unload position and the door opens so the laser cut part can be removed and the next part placed in the system

The e- drawing can be opened and manipulated with the free e-drawing reader available at http://www.edrawingsviewer.com/

The e- drawing [EASM file] LP9000U 355nm with x-y table is a 3-D drawing of a recently completed laser cutting system.

This system can be modified to your requirements or Worldwide Laser system engineers can design a laser cutting or marking system which will ideally fit the requirements of your operations
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