25 Watt Diode Lasers for Sale

Lee Laser 25 watt diode laser —Spectra Physics 20 watt Toronado


Lee Lasers 25 watt diode laser cabinet and rail — Spectra Physics 25wTornado cabinet and rail


Closer up view of Lee Laser 25 watt diode and rail and Spectra Physics Tornado cabinet and rail

Second view close up on the Lee Laser rail and cabinet with extra Lee Laser cabinet in behind

Vacuum Table

Bottom of vacuum plate showing the drive screw vacuum hose connections and vacuum generators for four [4] zones
10” by 10” in the center of the table or 30” from all edges
20” x 20” — 20” from all edges of the vacuum table
30” x 30” — 10” from all edges of the vacuum table
40” x 40” — covering the entire table

Top or working side of the vacuum table with Piabe vacuum generators for all four [4] vacuum zones

40” x 40” vacuum table with four separate vacuum zones to accomidate different sized products $10,500.00