Front view of outside cassette load concept where wafer cassettes can be loaded and unloaded without operator access to  open and close doors.
Top down view inside cassette and open/close doors.
  1. Pre-aligner
  2. Load Cassette
  3. Unload Cassette
  4. Front Door would be manually opened/closed to insert load cassette and remove.
  5. Filled Unload Cassette. Potentially side door would also open/close for system access.
  6. Laser System and head contained in enclosed top with tool removal panel for maintenance.
  7. click here or here or  here  or here for video demonstration and for manual load/unload wafer laser marking system here
Warning label’s on all interlocked doors. Warning label present on all laser light exposure points if covers are removed (tools required).


UL Cerification on electrical enclosure.

All access doors have hardwired safety interlocks which require closed condition for wafer laser operations to take place.
Cassette stands are adjustable and equipped with cassette in place sensors in this case for 200mm and 300mm wafer cassettes.
This laser wafer system has three cassette stations load, unload, and rejection with laser vision system verification and fume exhaust ports.
Test wafers marked vision verified and returned to unload cassette.
Electrical enclosure fully mounted din rails and covers with number electrical wires tied to schematic cooling fan and lock out all finger safe and protected with circuit breakers- enclosure has lock out tag out bar with connector on cover of enclosure box.
Examples of possible access panel for laser and optics area- lid or cover of enclosure on hinges with interlock switch and warning label.
Lid open with light tower per change order.
Lid closed with locks and extra view window per change order.

  1. Ether net connection for remote service trouble shooting.
  2. Light Tower turned upright at installation.
  3. Getting ready for shipping fume exhaust port.
  4. Fan exhaust for cooling components can be vented to the floor if clean room requires.
  5. Link to bypass system interlocks for room interlock if desired.
  6. System power connection with separate system computer power connection.

The purpose below is to demonstrate an option related to cassettes and loading. The system is designed originally with industry standard cassette holders for 150mm, 200mm and 300mm wafers.

  • Wafer cassettes are loaded by hand via an operator
  •  Interlocked door are physically closed by operator before start of wafer processing at this point if the ‘remote’ operations button is selected then production system will engage and run laser wafer system without operator intervention.
  • End effector with scanner maps the wafer cassette or alternatively wafers are selected in sequence from top to bottom of the cassette without scanning (option that can be chosen on the HMI)

The following two slides present an alternative system design method where loading cassettes are installed by robot or operator no manually operated doors and required and interlocks are system verified with an option of RFDI read of cassette to determine if proper cassette is loaded prior to laser wafer operations.

The purpose of the following slides is to present examples of Human Machine Interface Optional for error messages, which can be integrated into laser automation for laser wafer marking systems with either operators running the system or complete laser automation with full lights out manufacturing, or combination of both.

All information gathered and reported is collected and used by the GEM-SECS interface and tied to your facilities production system to provide laser automation fully compliant with Semi conductor industry standard for 150, 200, and 300mm laser wafer systems.

Error messages and displayed on the main operations screen of the HMI. Error messages require acknowledgment and correction. The status light tower display matches the light tower on the system displaying system operations status. The vision system provide a view of current laser system operations on the main HMI screen.

The main operator screen of the laser automation system for laser wafer marking also provides key system operations statistics and access to other password protected operations screens.

No wafer found in loading cassette.


Interlock messages
Vision system will not pass verification of laser marking on wafer.
Cassette Loading Error
Cassette Loading Errors
Door Interlock Error
Laser Power Supply Error Message
Laser Off and Laser Standby Error
E-stop Active Message
Low Vacuum Error


System Running Screen
Vision System Error


Set Up Screen for Text and Wafer Flipping
Operations Screen with Skip Scan and Number of Wafers
Recipe Screen with Text Strings Options Added

Up to 25 text strings can be manually entered or in remote mode populated by host via GEM.

Maintenance Screen with Wafer Align and Flip Options added for Wafer Marking Set Up.
Program Step Message Added